Artificial intelligence…is everywhere.

Use it. For your business.

“Artificial intelligence at its core – is just really powerful software.”

How you can apply this intelligence to your business, is what we do at Tiger Lily Consulting Pty (Ltd).

Each business is different. This we know. And is the reason we dedicate ourselves to finding and providing solutions that work absolutely for you.

Browse our catalog for the super functional modules we build and sell. They have been arranged according to the many categories they for into, using the pull-down menu at top-right.

SAAS (Software as a Service) is our preferred model. We love to build long-lasting a fruitful (and fun) relationships with our clients. We are much like a big family, us and our clients. But we will do one-off productions, where needed.

We are here to help make your digital transformation journey a pleasant, and even memorable one. With you every step-of-the-way. We scale to continue to provide the one-on-one experience we lavish on all our clients. We vow to never be a faceless corporation.

24/7…you can rely on us.

SPECIAL OFFER – for a limited time (we are limiting slots), we are inviting you to bring your business online with us as your guide and tutor. It includes all that is in this module, at R300 per month plus commission:

WordPress E-commerce Website with Support monthly

To take advantage of this special offer, or…

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