Website Improvements and Conversion to Mobile App (limited offer)

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Website Improvements and Conversion to Mobile App (limited offer)

Website Improvements and Conversion to Mobile App (limited offer): Staying ahead of time and technology

Ten years ago, the web was still far more flashy than functional. Flash animations even worked back then. It’s quite funny to see how many Flash banners and intros are out there right now, dead.

HTML 5 was a wondrous move forward. And used with JavaScript variants, it can blow mountain tops off. PHP, the stalwart of the entire framework really, still churns the numbers in the background of most websites. The PHP and MySQL interface is rock solid and easy to use. It does in fact power most of the web. WordPress uses it. And so do we…

The following technologies, when plugged into a WordPress install, are what we are deploying, on all of our websites now. This all very recent, and nothing of the sort existed a decade back.

1. PWA: Progressive Web App – the biggest breakthrough on the web yet. Packages your website as a fully-fledged installable App for your phone or device. Your icon on the phone’s desktop. You can even go in the Play Store. And access phone functionality.
But the most important advantage is that you get onto your customer’s phone.

2. AMP: accelerated mobile pages drive the race to super-fast websites and content delivery. We also use cache services and image optimisation to deliver at light speed.

3. E-commerce SEO: nowadays, Google is interfacing directly with approved and configured websites, to list shopping results in all search queries. Not only that but there is a dedicated shopping tab for shopping results. An all-new opportunity to get more search results. Each product needs to be SEO compliant. This means the usual 300 words, a gallery – and all that stuff we do to make posts perform. Each product is now viewed by Google like a post, regards search.

This also means that we can make use of a customised e-commerce solution, adapted to each business. Some businesses require that their potential customers submit a quote request. Rather than a real-time order. Like a restaurant.
The following examples reveal the power:

The Sardine News – this website is also an app, that prompts the user to install it, on their first visit. It’s totally a choice. But because it’s you – and not a big brand, or unknown entity, this is an easy sell.
The app, once installed, has a thing called a service worker (little script). That when the app is opened, it checks for the latest content from the website. This content is what is used in the app. You can even set a page, that will load when the user’s phone is offline.

But when it’s online, it loads in an instant. The apps are tiny and super lightweight on resources. Works on any phone! It is fully functional and takes and delivers orders to the kitchen. Does invoicing and receipts. Includes a POS system that

The Sardine News staff use the built-in POS (Point of sale) to take walk-in orders. Produces reports and can handle expenses and stock control.

4. PUSH Technology: things get even more fun with push notifications. That pop-up, right next to your email and messaging notifications – on your customer’s phone – whenever new content is posted on the website! Stories. Special offers.Price changes…

This is better than having an email list or anything. And every install is tracked and you can see what activity is generated by the push notifications.


We start by stripping out all unnecessary and bloated code, from your old website. Install the latest security, caching and optimisation software. Run these through all the current content and imagery to maximise efficiency. All future uploads are dealt with on the fly after this.

The manifest and json files are added. Along with code, imagery and logos. Making the website into an installable PWA. This is connected to the Push Notifications server.

We are charging R12500* to convert your old-style website, into a killer app. An SEO champion. So full of functionality, you will hardly believe it. Includes all of the above-mentioned.

* limited to websites on our server, and for a limited time only


Please see the following examples of our PWAs in action:

The Sardine News – our flagship website demonstrating many of the PWA functions including e-commerce integration

FishBazaruto – serious fishing

Umzimkulu Adrenalin – adventure company

Buzz me Sean on or +27793269671 anytime to chat.


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