Chat software enables incredible levels of communication and collaboration in teams using white boards, voice n video, file transfer, remote access and more.



Chat software was one of the first delights that the internet gave us.

Whether it’s an internal chat with your team, or an external chat with your customer audience, group chats are one of the most powerful, economical and efficient communications mediums available for business right now. Any device. Any network.

And it’s not just chat anymore. Shared whiteboards. File transfers. Voice and video. Remote computer access for training, updating, diagnosis and repair.

Connecting a group of people with the spread of tools now available, makes for some high-level communication and collaboration.

Internal Chat

Like a nervous system for your business, this is where instructions are relayed, and responses recorded. Accountability for every team member across every channel.

External Chat

So valuable during livestreams. Audience engagement.

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