Content Channel Website Partnership

Become a content channel publisher in partnership with Tiger Lily Consulting Pty. We sponsor your website and mentor you as you learn to fly.


Content Channel Website Partnership

Enter a Content Channel Website Partnership with TLC as your partner. We will sponsor your site. And mentor you.

How cool is that!?

You do the work (writing and creating the content), run the site as a business, and we will share the revenue.

If you get the revenue, you take 75%. If we get the revenue, we get 75%. There are no monthly worries for you. And you will get a full e-commerce enabled content channel website.

This model works for news and magazines sites, enthusiast sites, how-to sites…and just about anybody can get up and running within about a month.

However! You need to be at 40 000 unique sessions per month for this model to work. Within one year. If after a year you have not reached that, you will have to pay the initiation fee again if you want to continue. If you reach 40 000 unique sessions per month, you will don’t pay a cent.


Introducing your mentor and main resource: Sean Lange aka Xonalanga

Thats me on the left whilst running an experiental marketing cmpaign for Smirnoff a few decades back!
Thats me on the left running an experiental marketing cmpaign for Smirnoff a few decades back!

I, Sean, personally will help you with strategy and the tech resources you will need to take off and fly. I am on call for you as detailed in the Support chapter coming up below.

You are going to prepare to write/create a helluva lot. Like I do. Non-stop ultimately is the final goal. Creating sales funnels to get people to buys and commit our details into their online banking portfolios or payment systems. For repeat customers.

The Holy Grail!

Income will be easily generated by your freshly published content. Sales of advertising is the most lucrative. And the sales of digital products we can develop together.

If we retail for a third party, we share that commission too. If we create the listing it’s our 75%. If you create the listing then the 75% is yours. We can also run affiliate programs once you get some traffic and traction. Once you reach 10 000 unique a month, you can play these games.

This is Carey-Ann Sturgess (at left). The Boss. And the lady with the accounts. She will manage your content website partnership with us.
This is Carey-Ann Sturgess (at left). The Boss. And the lady with the accounts. She will manage your content website partnership with us.

Tiger Lily Consulting in Cape Town will administer. We have an office in LLandudno and our CFO lives there too. Her name is Carey Ann and she is the Boss. She will oversee your accounts with us and do payments as and when agreed upon. This is usually monthly but with large transactions (over R10 000), we can pay out upon the funds clearing.

When you click on the button, you ill essentially be signing a contract with Tiger Lily Consulting (Pty) Ltd based on this product page you are reading right now.


I will be available to assist you inclusive in this contract, 30 minutes a week. Don’t worry, this is a LOT. Phone calls, texts, emails, video calls, remote access – whatever you need, I am right here. After 30 minutes, you gonna pay! R650 per hour. Worth every cent guaranteed!

We will deploy a WordPress site for you. It is super slick and easy to use.


Passion. That’s all you need. Throw yourself headlong into this. A post a day is nothing. I write about 5 a day, in amongst creating video and then putting all this stuff all over the social platforms and other affiliated nets that I work on. If you put aside one hour a day, for that first month, or wack together a week’s worth over a weekend evening, you will be styling. You need to make a bang on the web to get recognised by the search and SEO angels. Right from the word go.

But ok, decision time.

Click the button, make your initiation payment of R1200, and we are good to go. Its a one-off payment. As long as you generate business with this website, you will never pay again. If you don’t, we gonna charge you annually until you get going.

You will have a secure and fully functional site – a WordPress installation, ready for your logo and contact details…waiting for your first post, within 24 hours of making the payment.

You also receive 30 minutes per week of telephonic support from TLC (does not carry over).

Realistically you need to post at least once a day for the first month or so. Until you build enough content to keep people on your site in the future. Then you can concentrate on your sales funnel content. And augmenting what you have laid down as foundation content to do the same.

The Master Watermen by Jason Heyne is our first partner under this project. and TLC will show you the way…

We are on Facebook at We run a content-packed YouTube channel for our clients HERE. Check it out, Like and Subscribe as you fit into and join our network.


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