Post Programming


Post Programming

Posting. When? How often? To who?

We have a formula.

A guaranteed results formula that is implemented autonomously.

The Facebook algorithm is not hard to beat. Once you understand the childish limitations they are trying to force upon since they broke Facebook just after they started it. Are you aware that only 4% of your friends see your posts? As opposed to 100% when Facebook was Facebook. Yip, Facebook now think they are cleverer than you and that even you don’t know what you want so they will give it to you rather than even your friends recommendations?!

Yip – that’s what Facebook is. A huge manipulative cyborg that is designed to squeeze money out of you using your data. Non-stop. All-day. All night. Feeding you with crap you never asked for but that Facebook thinks is good for you. To turn you into a profit-generating number – which you are already btw,

How to beat this crap?

Pour high-quality genuine content all over it, until you can hide the stench.

And this is where our algorithm comes in. If you are interested in giving Facebook back some of it’s own medicine, then signup up with us and let’s take down the total crappy content streams Facebook thinks we need

Join us in taking the internet back…starting right here…with quality content. And our own algorithm. Use this form to get in touch super quick and we will get straight back to. Or use our Contact page right here.

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