Shark Exclusion Net System

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Shark Exclusion Net System

Shark Exclusion Net System: in many cases, using as simple a solution as possible, works the best. This applies especially to projects in the ocean. Where installations are subject to an enormous array of pressures and conditions.

Shark Exclusion Net

This is simply an aptly sized mesh net, stoutly installed, across channels and waterways, to keep sharks out. And humans in. The net can be removed and replaced as and when necessary. Using a small crew of 2 to 4 lifeguards.

The net is deployed on a day-to-day basis. And will not be utilised when sea conditions or weather conditions are adverse. They also do not need to be in use when no bathers are using the ocean.

The net will keep big sharks out. But will allow water and its micro-organisms, and even little fish, to flow freely through.

Exclusion nets are being deployed worldwide in place of the murderous gill net system as used by many anti-shark attack operations worldwide. Including in South Africa?!

Sonar Assistance

It may be apt to simultaneously deploy a sonar array with an exclusion net in certain bigger installations and more complex cases.

The sonar can make sure the area is clear before the net is deployed. And can monitor for outsized megafauna in the immediate area.


Is done with pre-installed ropes and clips, for easy deployment. In bigger cases, a watercraft may be required.

Repairs and maintenance

Routine repair and maintenance will need to be carried out periodically. This is simple work.

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