Website Security

Website Security has become full-time as hackers look for new ways to disrupt and exploit. We have the decades of experience required to stop them.


Website Security

Website Security never used to be such a full-time concern. But since hackers and other cyber-criminals (even your business competitors) can glean profit from your information and data more readily than legacy crimes like identity theft these days, it’s time to lock it all down.

Fortunately the white hats are on the ball and have amassed a database of vulnerabilities, threats and procedures to handle this new onslaught. Without trying to scare anybody, we have taken on hacked sites and cleaned them more than any time in the past. And at a cost of a few days work, it is far better to button up before the attacks even take place.

Website Security work is not just about deploying a plugin as a sentry and sitting back. Oh no! The playing field is as dynamic as a battleground and patches are continually being applied to stem brand new security leaks. These leaks most times come from new updates to your happily installed and working proprietary software. Updates unproven against hackers. And so, you become part of the guinea pig style of security research.

Backups and security can together ensure minimal downtime in an age of desperate measures being used against us by restless black hatters. Stuck in lockdown – imagine the evil being plotted right now!

But ok, if you have already been hacked and taken down. The RED SCREEN of DEATH – the warning thrown out willy billy by Google warning any potential users of your site that their own security is being compromised just by visiting the site, then get in touch. Although there are very many practitioners out there who can clean your site and get your back in the game, we are local (South Africa) and are far more in touch to you.

And if you would just like to avoid the whole embarrassing process of having your site hacked, give us the task of keeping your security up to scratch. Fill out this quick form and we will get straight back to you. Or add it to your Request a Quote Basket and we analyse your overall requirements, combining modules to offer you the best overall arrangement. Or visit our contact page.

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