WordPress Plugin Development


WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins are awesome! They can do anything and everything. And are simply snippets of code injected into the main Functions.PHP file at runtime, on your website.

You can write plugins to add functionality to the front end – where your users hangout. Or in your backend – your dashboard for your business, that your team accesses.

Our own plugins, written here at Tiger Lily Consulting Pty (Ltd), include the following…

  • TLC DashCal (loads your Gmail into your Dashboard)
  • TLC ListAll (distributed to-do lists)
  • TLC LinkAll (mission-critical internal links for team members)
  • TLC ChatAll (internal chat in your Dashboard)
  • and many more…

Install the WordPress Plugin once and it updates all user profiles with the new functionality and information. And when you update your WordPress, it all stays just where it is supposed to. The plugins auto-update too, so you don’t have to.

This technology is object-oriented programming’s best fun stuff to do – making efficiencies out of nowhere! You can apply the functionality of a custom made plugin to literally every aspect of your business process. Mainly, you can streamline the sales funnel, and make the user journey a pleasant and memorable one from lead to follow-up to re-marketing.

If you are interested in having your own plugin development done, or would like to learn more (we can teach you to write your own PHP too!), please get in touch via our Contact page, Add-to-Quote system, or fill out this form right here.

Catch us on Facebook, YouTube and right here at https://tigerlilyconsulting.co.za.


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