WordPress site, e-commerce and secured hosting. Supported.


Wordpress site, e-commerce and secured hosting. Supported.

This package is perfect for you if you have used Wordpress before, or are just starting out. 24/7 Support makes sure that you stay on course and avoid any obstacles whilst navigating your way around the world wide web.


WordPress site, e-commerce and secured hosting. Supported.


WordPress site, e-commerce and secured hosting. Supported: E-commerce applied correctly really works for any business. No longer are we as restricted to outdated payment methods and gateways. We will deploy your website. Log you in. And set your sails for you. Included is 24/7 telephonic or email support, for if you stray off course.

It’s an annual package and is renewable each year.

And you have before you the full map of the world wide web and the tools with which to navigate around the expanse of opportunity out there right now. Loaded now, with e-commerce.

And delve into the intriguing world of artificial intelligence for your business. Analytics is a great start as you formulate future where future resources go based on behavioural patterns if your customers. This is just the very beginning on your way to harnessing AI for your business.

Feature list

  • e-commerce catalogue
  • EFT, Paypal and PayFast gateways (subject to commissions)
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Internal chat and bulletin board
  • Reports
  • Analytics

And all the while, feel safe knowing that we are right here waiting for your call. To assist you along the way. And to advise and recommend future explorations.

Here are some of our existing client’s websites:

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