Quote Request

Quote request software makes for a great user experience, and takes the risk out of e-commerce putting the entire sales process, in hands of the customers


Quote Request

User experience is everything. And there are many warning signs, both warranted and not, that can stop a sale dead in it’s tracks. Providing easy off-ramps away from total commitment to partial commitment. This removal of pressure makes the user far more comfortable and in controlof his/her purchase.

Using EFT as a payment method also increases user experience satisfactions the user retains control of the purchase right up until he actually hands over the money. It’s almost like COD, only the user experience is the actual product.

We can program your product catalog to operate like this. With blank prices or pre-programmed prices – that you can adjust – and complete when you submit your quote.

The quote request also creates a user portfolio and a draft order in your e-commerce system, immediately. all you have to do is fill in the numbers and gaps and hey presto your quote is done and delivered.

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