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The Fishing Pro Shop online

Fishing Pro Shop by Tiger Lily Consulting

The Fishing Pro Shop online

Announcing The Fishing Pro Shop online!

Before Tiger Lily Consulting took on, the site was running simply as a brand awareness and communications dissemination platform.

That has all changed!

The Fishing Prop Shops website is at the moment, our most refined piece of software out there. This is largely due to part-owner Johan Wessels’ complete commitment to the project. With all of his honed input, the software is completely tailor-made according to exact business requirements of the Fishing Pro Shop online e-commerce powered website that Johan envisaged in the first place.

Johan’s personal commitment to the project has been tantamount. This is what drives great software. When believers believe, and doers do. Check out the menu on the Fishing Pro Shop website for a start!

I sure hope you gonna check it all out at! (Note the s in https representative of our total security blanket over all of our websites).

We would like to thank Charles and Johan, for giving us this opportunity, here at Tiger Lily, as we embark on our own new business too. The Fishing Pro Shop is our first fully fledged e-commerce store.

And it is actually selling things right now!

Payment systems on the Fishing Pro Shop

You might notice, that the site does not offer credit card payments. At all. The following reasons are why.

  • simply because they cost too much
  • efts are so simple and secure
  • the invoice is generated only once the order has been vetoed as bonafide

This saves a ton of trouble and money. That all said, we do offer payment systems from local and international vendors to our clients. If you are prepared to part with those sometimes critical percentage points. But even the darling of them all, PayPal, hooks a fortune with every transaction.

Try it!

And then read on…

Future payment systems

With the rise of Bitcoin and the other degenerate new government currencies being bandied about these days, it is an obvious step for us all to take in business. Develop our own currencies. The currency can be obtained from promotional activities, fun interactions, rewards on purchases, gift voucher, or buy the money with an EFT. Imagine the fun you could have with this!

It has been kind of already abused to death by the cellphone marketing idiots. Who like obviously unboxed the software, looked at it and said, ‘where does this go?’. And promptly made up those absolutely moronic promotional activities involving shaking your phone and other pathetic antics.

As opposed to coming from a retailers perspective. Imagine not having to give change? Imagine giving everyone a super cool looking smart card? That entitles discounts and all sorts of treats and cool things all over the place as part of a marketing nation wide loyalty and mentoring community? Imagine saving on all those transaction fees?

I do firmly believe that bartering and trading without money has a future and we may aswell start getting used to it. If I give you 1000 Mydo Bucks (Mydo is one of our clients, see them here), which you can then buy fishing lures with – what would you give me for that?

And voila, we don’t need a government deflating fiat currency no more!

We don’t even need the blockchain!

If you would like to learn more about this kind of stuff, encourage me and see what happens! In the meantime, we are hard at work on our new client’s project at and its also going great guns.

If you would like to become part of our fold – our family, of online projects, please buzz me Sean on +27793269671 or for a chat.

I know how this stuff is done.

Ciao for now.


PS a quick list of current works and projects…

Contact us right HERE!

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