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The Fishing Pro Shop online

Fishing Pro Shop by Tiger Lily Consulting

The Fishing Pro Shop online

Announcing The Fishing Pro Shop online!

Before Tiger Lily Consulting took on, the site was running simply as a brand awareness and communications dissemination platform.

That has all changed!

The Fishing Prop Shops website is at the moment, our most refined piece of software out there. This is largely due to part-owner Johan Wessels’ complete commitment to the project. With all of his honed input, the software is completely tailor-made according to exact business requirements of the Fishing Pro Shop online e-commerce powered website that Johan envisaged in the first place.

Johan’s personal commitment to the project has been tantamount. This is what drives great software. When believers believe, and doers do. Check out the menu on the Fishing Pro Shop website for a start!

I sure hope you gonna check it all out at! (Note the s in https representative of our total security blanket over all of our websites).

We would like to thank Charles and Johan, for giving us this opportunity, here at Tiger Lily, as we embark on our own new business too. The Fishing Pro Shop is our first fully fledged e-commerce store.

And it is actually selling things right now!

Payment systems on the Fishing Pro Shop

You might notice, that the site does not offer credit card payments. At all. The following reasons are why.

  • simply because they cost too much
  • efts are so simple and secure
  • the invoice is generated only once the order has been vetoed as bonafide

This saves a ton of trouble and money. That all said, we do offer payment systems from local and international vendors to our clients. If you are prepared to part with those sometimes critical percentage points. But even the darling of them all, PayPal, hooks a fortune with every transaction.

Try it!

And then read on…

Future payment systems

With the rise of Bitcoin and the other degenerate new government currencies being bandied about these days, it is an obvious step for us all to take in business. Develop our own currencies. The currency can be obtained from promotional activities, fun interactions, rewards on purchases, gift voucher, or buy the money with an EFT. Imagine the fun you could have with this!

It has been kind of already abused to death by the cellphone marketing idiots. Who like obviously unboxed the software, looked at it and said, ‘where does this go?’. And promptly made up those absolutely moronic promotional activities involving shaking your phone and other pathetic antics.

As opposed to coming from a retailers perspective. Imagine not having to give change? Imagine giving everyone a super cool looking smart card? That entitles discounts and all sorts of treats and cool things all over the place as part of a marketing nation wide loyalty and mentoring community? Imagine saving on all those transaction fees?

I do firmly believe that bartering and trading without money has a future and we may aswell start getting used to it. If I give you 1000 Mydo Bucks (Mydo is one of our clients, see them here), which you can then buy fishing lures with – what would you give me for that?

And voila, we don’t need a government deflating fiat currency no more!

We don’t even need the blockchain!

If you would like to learn more about this kind of stuff, encourage me and see what happens! In the meantime, we are hard at work on our new client’s project at and its also going great guns.

If you would like to become part of our fold – our family, of online projects, please buzz me Sean on +27793269671 or for a chat.

I know how this stuff is done.

Ciao for now.


PS a quick list of current works and projects…

Contact us right HERE!

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If it was ever a time to consider e-commerce

The Fishing Pro Shop has all-new e-commerce enables website and content stream online at

If it was ever a time to consider e-commerce

Stating the obvious! But e-commerce awaits you and your business, right here at TLC. We love assisting companies transform over to digital. And harnessing artificial intelligence for their missions.

But ok, moving your retail or any business online, has a bunch of advantages that can even completely outweigh the loss of your physical shop.

Here are some more of the over-statedly obvious reasons why leaving your physical shop for a virtual e-commerce enabled model, can be the transformation you have been looking for;

  • rent: landlords in most cases, take home most of the profits. In essence, you can be seen to really be working for your landlord. If you were able to warehouse your goods, or tools, at home or someplace else, the savings in rent alone might balance your future in unstable government land
  • exposure: the internet has far more reach than any threshold of any shop or premises. Deploy a professional grade website, with SEO tactics built right into a content stream – and you can be talking to exponentially more client potentials than before
  • traffic: imagine all that time, spent in the traffic, given back to you and your family. Imagine that a third, or half, of the people in traffic every morning, suddenly started working from home, or servicing clients directly, with drop-offs or site visits, without having to ever go into traffic to make 8am or a meeting
  • security: having an office or your equipment out there somewhere, costs money in insurance and security. Save on both
  • communication: centralising communication and business processes does wonders for you, your business, and your clients

There are many more reasons, but some perspective – what you will lose by moving out of your shop;

  • threshold clientele: however, people are not in the street anymore, and won’t be for some time. People are using the internet more than ever to buy things
  • traditional business feeling: this is also a thing of the past. You can rather create your business image with your content channel, and by putting in extra effort to stay in touch with your customers

That all said, we are aware that every single business is different. But for sure, going online with your business face to the world, via the internet, makes real good sense for every conventional business these days. Restaurants now have to deliver. Vehicles are bought online and delivered without even seeing a dealer. Newspapers are thinner than ever – the news is online, so is advertising.

If you have time, refer to our latest hit – an e-commerce enabled website and content stream that we did for the Fishing Pro Shop, in Pretoria. These guys are adapting their already super-duper fishing shop fast, to the challenged of weak government and economic challenge. You can see the all-new online shop at, she is brand new! It took us about three weeks, and now we are just adding more and more products to the core set of 100, that got the shop moving in the first place. Incidentally, the Fishing Pro Shop are maintaining their attractive and functional premises in Lynwood, Pretoria East – and are using the website to enhance and improve sales with. The site runs on content generated in-house (and on the water) by the pro anglers working there. These guys run on passion and it all comes through in their content channel. The formula for success involves good levels of enthusiasm!

This is an example of how the Fishing Pro Shop team entrench enthusiasm into their online shop.

Click through to watch the rad video shot on site somewhere cool

Tiger Lily Consulting Pty(Ltd) are based in Cape Town but have clients nationally and internationally. We have been assembling and deploying e-commerce websites and applications for decades actually. Our staff are award winning highly enthusiastic and motivated. We have room for a few new clients, as we complete the Fishing Pro Shop project.

Use our Contact page to get in touch.

We are on Facebook at and we run loads of SEO primed content for you to refer from on our YouTube Channel right HERE.

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Welcome to TLC News and Views

Welcome to TLC News. Where we will be featuring an ongoing collection of fresh business and tech related articles by ourselves and select featured guests.

Our topics will be centred around the application of artificial intelligence software applications and interfaces to your business.

To whet your appetite, these are some of the upcoming titles we are going to publishing;

  • We all use it: AI in it’s most pervasive forms
  • Day-to-day: AI in business right now
  • Communication: AI’s biggest role
  • Search engines, SEO and AI: the new playing field

We will be publishing weekly so sign up to our newsletter and stay right-up-to-date with how AI can influence your bottom line.

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