Point of Sale System

Our Point of Sale solution bolts straight onto your e-commerce website, using the same database. Making for real-time action and reporting.


Point of Sale System

Point of Sale: really works well, if you keep it simple.

Using the same online database as your online store for one is a good start.

Utilising existing hardware, that you already own – your PC and your cellphone (and that of your employees), is another simplification you can not overlook. Employees can log into the app on their phones, and log sales with clients, as they walk around the shop together. You can plug in a scanner if you really want, but PLUs work just fine. And you can install a till drawer at any time if you like the sound of the till door ringing open.

Using the same database, also means that your performance analytics are in real-time. You always know exactly what is going on. From your cellphone – if you like. Through any browser.

Employees are given access according to their roles in your shop. Sensitive data is protected behind SSL bank-level encryption. This is the safest way to record, process and save your accounting information.

Your biggest challenge is to record all your inventory to your database. At which point the system handles stock levels and re-ordering. However, you can add products as you go, when starting out, adding all your lines as you go. A huge timesaver.

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