Remote Access

Remote Access Software. Can change your day for the better. Over and over. Online remote access support means we can be on your premises via the internet. Like a virtual IT geek.


Remote Access

Remote access: Saving time is this application’s biggest advantage. And there are many more…

Real-life example

It’s Lockdown 2020. One of my clients is at work, with a special permit, since they work for the mines. I am doing 3D scanning and modelling for this out-sized engineering firm, so I installed remote access software on one of their CAD computers. Just before the lockdown.

It happened before too long. The design office had a plate that needed cutting. It was designed just fine, but the file wasn’t getting to the plasma cutting machine department. The machine was standing idle and everybody was waiting. If I had been there, I would have fixed the issue in a few seconds. Luckily I was there. Virtually. I got the call. I logged and logged in to the CAD machine. Corrected the setting. And minutes later, the plasma machine was throwing sparks all over with glee, as it cut the necessary plate.

Can you just imagine the trouble this would have caused, due to the knock-on effect? The time wasted? The bottom line wasted.

Other advantages

Remote access makes support from a remote operator fun, and effective. It could be for production critical missions like the one described above. Or even just to help with learning new software or systems. If you have this facility, we can support you so much more effectively and efficiently than before.

On so many support issues that were previously only possible with a physical visit!?

If you would like to add this layer as an element of efficient support for you company, please get in touch. You can use this form below, or add it to your Quote Request. You can also use our Contact page at this link.

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