Website hosting and security 12 months


Secure hosting with us means you can sleep at night!


Website hosting and security 12 months

We run on really good servers and the support has been fantastic thus far. However, there are very many measures to be taken, to be completely secure online with your business and it’s incorporated processes, library and procedures.

Hacks are on the rise, and the basic WordPress install leaves many holes open. We use a combination of three plug-ins to keep your site secure with us. And, we are tired of undoing websites that have been hacked and have to now be repaired. Takes ages and we charge USD 500 to bring a site back from the red screen (Googles unsecured warning screen that destroys your rankings and reputation in one go).

So if you take us up on this offer, security on your website is guaranteed by us. We will bring it back if it goes down to a hacker, but for immediately, we will stay on top of your security requirements.



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